Crackles aim is to offer a fun explorative environment that is positive & exciting to kids.

So Crackles has a healthy twist, instead of overly sugary cupcakes filled with additives & preservatives; I have managed to cut these considerably. With some products completely. All Products are labelled so it will be easy to see what ingredients I am using.

As obesity is on the rise, it is imperative to teach children to also cut down on sugar but that it’s also ok to have these occasionally. These are referred as “occasional” or “extra” foods & never “treats”. If they can be educated on the importance of sugar reduction & enable kids to have healthier habits early on like nature intended than we on our way to setting up our children for a good healthy life.

‘I wholeheartedly believe that there’s a big difference between using fats and sugars in our foods, and using chemicals, additives, preservatives and non-foods! I believe in keeping our foods as close as possible to their original form, limit processing and enjoying treats in moderation. Food belongs in our bodies and chemicals belong in a lab”

The Gluten Free Lifesaver