All of the food items on our site have ingredients lists and allergen information. Manufacturers we may use are not required to identify all chemicals found in food products depending on quantity and from time to time they change their ingredients. We will do our best to ensure this information is up to date. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy at all times. Thus, if you are at all unsure or concerned, do not consume the product. Please email or phone us or contact the manufacturer to check.

Furthermore, since many ingredients are untested for natural chemical levels and also levels change with varying conditions and between different batches, it is not always possible to guarantee a food will be completely safe. Also, individuals vary greatly with their level of tolerance and thus some people may be more sensitive to different ingredients than others.

Crackles. Create a Cupcake works very hard to identify suitable products based on available information, but will not be held responsible for any labelling mistakes, manufacturing issues, contamination or reactions from its products.

Crackles. Create a Cupcake complies with SafeWork Australia Workplace health & safety regulations, local Licence for Food Business (fixed) Food Act 2016 & adhering to labelling of ingredient requirements of the Food Standards Code (Qld Health).

Employees are suitably experienced, blue cards & well trained & are responsible for the setting up, operation & supervision of the activity.

Current Public Liability Insurance of $20 million including additional Liability Endorsement & covers 30 participants in any decorating activity, teaching of minors, setting up of cupcake retail & wholesale, handmade chocolates & confectionary, set up at venue/s.